How To List

Listing an EVENT on a site is a simple process.

Note: before proceeding ensure you are on the required Events On Info website, we operate many sites by country, state, region, city, town, activity, etc.

Step 1. Obtain a 'user account' on the site using the 'Register Yourself' Menu Tab. This will take you to the appropriate page and allow you to complete your 'user account' details.

We require people to obtain a 'user account' to ensure the listing is bonafide and to be able to contact someone if information provided needs verification or clarification.

Step 2. Once you have a 'user account' you will recieve an email confirming your registration, this is for your records.

Step 3. Use the 'Activate Account' tab from the menu to setup a valid access account and enable the ability to list a EVENT. The details on this page will not show until you have a 'user account' using step 2.

The fee to activate a listing account is NIL.

This fee process also allows the many invalid entries that normally appear on self service websites to be stopped ensuring the quality of listings.

(for clarification - there are two processses to complete : a) obtain a 'user account' and b) 'account activation' once you have a 'user account".)

Step 4. Once you have obtained a 'user account', step 2, and completed 'account activation', step 3, succesfully you will be able to 'List a EVENT' on the website online yourself.

There is fee to List a EVENT, currently at $10 (USD) per event per site which is required to be paid via Visa, Mastercard or Paypal online at time of listing.

Multiple events can be listed and attached to your Activated Account (user account).

From here you will have the ability to enter information about the event, amend the information, enter additional comments, and receive communication via email.

Step 5. To list a EVENT select the 'List A EVENT" option tab in the menu.

This tab is not accessible and may not be viewable until you have successfully obtained a 'user account' and 'registered yourself' as a user on the site.

Proceed to enter the EVENT information by completing the online form details on the website.

Some information is compulsory, required, and some is optional. Explanations are provided during the entry process to assist.

Step 6. Your entry will be displayed automatically on the site, and is subject to review in accordance with site terms.

The information is may also be promoted on local twitter accounts, affiliate website and web news sites.